Add-On for IL2 Sturmovik - Cliffs of Dover


Question: Do I have to start my missions from scratch after installing the update?



Question: I have installed the MOD of the Team Fusion. How can I use it with Desastersoft Add-On?


To be able to use Desastersoft products in conjunction with the MOD of the Team Fusion please copy your "mission" folder from "C:\Users\YourName\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover" into the folder "C:\Users\YourName\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover – MOD". Make sure you use the Desastersoft updater BEFORE or AFTER copying the files over. If you want to use the Paint Schemes also in the MOD then you need to copy also the Paint Schemes folder on the same way.

Question: I have installed the open beta of the career system. After installing "Fighter Aces! Helmut Wick vs. J. C. Dundas" nothing is working anymore. What do I have to do?


Before installing "Fighter Aces! Helmut Wick vs. J. C. Dundas" you have to uninstall the open beta. Uninstall the open beta and "Fighter Aces! Helmut Wick vs. J. C. Dundas" and then reinstall "Fighter Aces! Helmut Wick vs. J. C. Dundas".

Question: I've installed everything correctly and want to play a campaign. I am seeing the start screen, but the "new", "continue" and "back" buttons are missing. What should i do?

Answer 1:

In the cache-folder are files from previous versions, which are blocking the buttons. Go to the folder C:\Users\username\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover. There you'll find the folder "cache". Delete the contents of the folder "cache" and start the game. Now everything should run normally.

Answer 2:

You are playing "Cliffs of Dover" in a language different from the add-on. Either you have installed "Cliffs of Dover" in English and the add-on / Demo in German, or "Cliffs of Dover" is installed in German (depending on Steam) and the add-on / Demo in English.

Question: I've installed everything correctly, but I'm stuck at the Button "Desastersoft Campaigns". I'm using Windows 7 / Windows Vista. What I'm doing wrong?


You've installed one or more component's as a regular user, not as administrator and you are trying to start the game as a regular user. Windows doesn't give you the needed access rights. You must start the game as administrator and all components have to be installed with admin rights.

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Die vorliegende Erweiterung zu IL-2 Cliffs of Dover hat es geschafft, das nach einem Jahr immer noch unfertige Grundprodukt zu einem großartigen Spiel für virtuelle Flugbegeisterte zu machen. - (Hobbyflieger "Above the Foe")
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Eine lebendige Kulisse, eigens aufgenommene Funksprüche, viele Flügelmänner und Gegner, sowie überraschende Zusatzaufgaben vermitteln einem ein absolutes Mittendrin-Gefühl. - (tintifaxl)
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In Zeiten der Servicewüsten, der 08/15 Betreuung, der FAQs die so oft keinen Sinn ergeben und der teuren Servicehotlines, ist Desastersoft der strahlende Stern am Servicehimmel für die Cliffs of Dover Fangemeinde! - (Kleinmann "Gerd Kleinmann")
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