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18-11-2014  |  Desastersoft
Desastersoft - Bugfix for the Update-Tool DESASTERSOFT Zoom If your Updater doesn't work please download here and install the Update-Tool-Bugfix. Because of our recent change of ISP we had to change the addresses. After installing the fix the version number shown in the lower part of the screen should read "Desastersoft-Server 2.0". Then the updater should work as usual.

Your Desastersoft Team
15-11-2014  |  Desastersoft
Both english and german versions  of CHANNEL BATTLES – LUFTWAFFE are now available in our Online Shop. Happy hunting to all you virtual fighter pilots! See you over the Channel!

Best regards
Los Desastros

Channel Battles - Luftwaffe (English Version)

19-09-2014  |  Desastersoft
News for Channel Battles – Luftwaffe!
The Beta tests take more time than usual, but the new career mode has to be tested thoroughly. The two campaigns to be released with CHANNEL BATTLES – LUFTWAFFE will feature the "Adlerstaffel" of the Schlageter-Geschwader and 1st Staffel of the Horst Wessel-Geschwader.
You'll start as an ordinary pilot and have to advance through the ranks to become leader of your squadron. The speed of your advance depends on both your skill and the difficulty options you choose. The tougher the settings the faster you'll be promoted.
Both campaigns will be available in two versions - the first is as described with your goal being promoted to lead your squadron and the second is a historical campaign in which you already play the role of the Squadron Commander.
Even though the campaigns will feature similar tasks and missions you'll see enough randomization to have a high replayability value. You'll probably never fight the same battle twice.
All six campaigns will be available for users of the TEAM FUSION modifications as a separate installation.
After passing 500 sold units we'll provide a surprise campaign which will be made available via the Update Service.
As TEAM FUSION introduces new aircraft for 1941 to 1944 we'll provide updates to the historical campaigns.

Estimated Date of release: Nov. 15. 2014
Price: 21,- €
10-09-2014  |  Desastersoft
Urgent! Use your Updater!
Dear customers and users of our free campaigns!
Please update all the update services of our products. This update is necessary because of the recent change of the provider for our web-based services. This update will remain available via the update function until October 15 2014, afterwards a separate file will be made available.Best regards 
Los Desastros

09-09-2014  |  Desastersoft
Provider "killed" our Server
Dear customers, friends and fans!

We've been a loyal customer to our webhoster for five years, but now they have managed to destroy our server infrastructure through sheer carelessness. They had talked about an upcoming upgrade for their servers, to be commenced only after our explicit agreement, but apparently "forgot" to liaise with us and commenced the upgrade without our knowledge. The results were all too visible over the past few days and the economic damage for us is considerable. We have received numerous complaints from customers unable to update their products.
To make matters worse the HDD with the infrastructure is gone. Nobody really knows why but was quick to latch onto that excuse and tried to lay the blame for the problems solely on the defective hardware. However, we do have records of our conversations which prove that we never gave the go ahead for the upgrade and that the defective HDD was not the reason commenced it. When pressed for financial compensation rejected any responsibility and refused our demand.

As a result of these developments we've been forced to terminate our contract with with immediate effect. The Desastershop and the Update Service will be offline for the next few days for this reason. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please note: For technical reasons the Update Service for all our products for the "Cliffs of Dover" series needs a patch that links your Updater to the new host. We'll provide this patch as soon as possible, hopefully within the next few days.

Best regards
Your Los Desastros!
16-05-2014  |  Desastersoft

Available in english too!

Dear friends, customers, enthusiasts,

Since December 2013 a new Cliffs of Dover add-on has been in development.
With of course lots off new stuff both in the career mode and missions. One of the features is a totally new career mode in which you start as lowest in rank in your squadron and you needing to work your way up to squadron leader. How much missions you will need to achieve this goal will depend on your skill level and achievements, and the difficulty setting you have selected. 

This career game mode is expected to have 150 missions in the long version (planned) of which we have completed and tested 130 missions.
The campaign revolves around 1.Staffel of group I. / JG 26 called the Eagle squadron. The campaign can be played in three different versions:

  • Career mode – as described above with probably 150 missions taking place between June 22nd and December 31st 1940.
  • Historically – based on the actual operational deployment by group I. / JG 26 with around 70 missions.
  • Guided campaign – you will be guided through the massive campaign with deployments to specific timeframes with new aircraft assigned to you.

In addition there will be a Bf 110- and Stuka campaign both, again, in various versions.

Some details about the Stuka campaign.

The Stuka campaign will be a kind of adventure. It won’t be about just smash targets. But also to follow in the footsteps of Stuka ace Oberst Hans Ulrich Rudel. Rudel shot down 9 enemy airplanes in his Junkers 87. You are required to do the same aside the ground targets you need to destroy.


All campaigns will be available as an EXTRA for TEAM FUSION fans/members.

They include the by TEAM FUSION provided autumn- and winter maps, various sub-versions of the aircraft used and a historical campaigns set in the year 1941. Once all relevant aircraft types are created and ready, a TEAM FUSION release can be expected. Together with TEAM FUSION, DESASTERSOFT will be heading off into the year 1941!

The add-on CHANNEL BATTLES - LUFTWAFFE will be available as download, starting end of August.

Added to the series will be CHANNEL BATTLES – ROYAL AIR FORCE set available as a single download.
Following the above releases we will be offering a special collector’s edition box called SONDEREDITION. It will containing the two add-ons CHANNEL BATTLES – LUFTWAFFE and CHANNEL BATTLES – ROYAL AIRFORCE a war map and a printed manual. But this Box is in german only!

We hope you have some patience left while waiting in great anticipation for this release.

Los Desastros. 

12-01-2014  |  Desastersoft
New Skins for No. 303 Squadron Campaign!
Dear Pilots!

Rafal Stankiewicz made some new historic Skins for Hurricane Mk I and Spitfire Mk IIa of No. 303 Squadron! The Skins are for our Add On "Adolf Galland - The Expert", and you get it via Update Button. Just hit it!

For Team Fusion Mod Users, Copy the complete PaintSchemes Folder from - too:

... \Steam\SteamApps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover\PaintSchemes\Skins\HurricaneMkI

(Team Fusion Min. 4.0):

C:\Users\????\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD\PaintSchemes\Skins\HurricaneMkI

Other Changes:
Polish Language Changes

Just have Fun
Your Desastersoft Team
03-12-2012  |  Desastersoft
Fighter Aces! Adolf Galland – The Expert!
Desastersoft - Adolf Galland DESASTERSOFT Zoom Desastersoft presents you another epic adventure! Right in time for Christmas we will release "Fighter Aces! Adolf Galland – The Expert! Jagdgeschwader 26 in the Battle of Britain 1940" on December 06 2012, thanks to our friend Christian Schulz (csThor) who has made it possible by translating the Add-On to English.

  • Completely new gameplay elements with thousands of random events and chance encounters!
  • 4 brand-new campaigns: replay Adolf Galland's career in the Battle of Britain, lead a Staffel of Jagdgeschwader 26 "Schlageter", fly with the polish fighter pilots of No. 303 Squadron and, for the first time, a bomber career with II. Gruppe / Kampfgeschwader 53 "Legion Condor" for Cliffs of Dover!
  • Contains course calculator as PDF
  • Manual with many explanations and details
  • Hundreds of exciting flight hours and missions await you! Breathtaking air battles, scrambles directly into approaching enemy formations, bomber escorts and bomber missions! Historical campaigns depicting the experiences of a pilot of the "Legion Condor" Geschwader based on meticulous and dedtailed research!
  • 90 aircraft textures for Adolf Galland and other aircraft of Jagdgeschwader 26 "Schlageter"
  • 20 Multiplayer Teamplay Missions (10x JG26 and 10x No. 303 Squadron)
  • Reworked Desastersoft Game and Career System with many new features and additional options! Medals, promotions and evaluations of your personal achievements!

Order your example right now in our SHOP!

Have a good time and always a clear six!

29-10-2012  |  Desastersoft
Coming soon to the Desastersoft Shop... also in English
Dear friends of the international community!

You had to wait for a long time but now the waiting is over. At the moment both "Channel Battles - 1940" and "Fighter Aces! Adolf Galland – The Expert" are being translated to Englisch. Our friend Christian Schulz (csThor) is currently busy translating "Fighter Aces! Adolf Galland – The Expert" and is making good headway. Therefore we will be able to announce the release of "Fighter Aces! Adolf Galland – The Expert" soon. Both Addons will be available in our shop as download. Concerning the distribution in Poland and the states of the former CIS we're currently negotiating with a polish company to offer a boxed version in these countries.

Check this site for further information in the near future!

Your Desastersoft Crew
10-04-2012  |  Desastersoft
Update for Channel Battles - 1940 and aces! Helmut Wick vs. JC Dundas
At the request of some players we have now added a new feature in the career start. Now you can choose at which mission you want to start the campaign. You are no longer forced to start with the first mission, but can start at any mission. Please note that the smaller campaigns (CB no. III/JG51 74 Squadron and CB) do not begin with the first mission but with Mission 25. Select the appropriate mission simply from the list, you want to start!

In addition, a small graphic bug is fixed.

We hope you enjoy!

Your Desastersoft Team
27-03-2012  |  Desastersoft
"Fighter Aces! Helmut Wick vs. Dundas"
Desastersoft - Wick vs. Dundas DESASTERSOFT Zoom Sales launch at the Desaster-shop!

Dear Pilots, starting today 18.00 CEST, the pre-sale of "Fighter Aces! Helmut Wick vs. Dundas" begins!

Starting immediately you can buy your sample in our Shop via download.

We wish you lots of fun flying!
Your Desastersoft-Team
09-03-2012  |  Desastersoft
Release News!
Desastersoft - Wick vs. Dundas DESASTERSOFT Zoom The following Products will be released soon:

2nd of April 2012:

Demo version Fighter Aces! Helmut Wick vs. J. C. Dundas in English

5th of April 2012:

Fighter Aces! Helmut Wick vs. J. C. Dundas – Add On in English as Downloadable Version!
You have the choice! For whom you'll fly? 6 campaigns, each in two variants – for less powerful PC's and for high end machines.

  • Fighter Aces! Major Helmut Wick – 25 missions
  • Fighter Aces! Flight Lieutenant J. C. Dundas – 13 missions
  • Erprobungsgruppe 210 – ME 110 Fighter bombers above England – 30 missions
  • 3./JG 2 "Richthofen" – Bf 109 – 40 missions
  • No. 609 Squadron – Spitfire – 42 missions
  • No. 111 Squadron – Hurricane – 27 missions

All missions are based on real events. The Battle of Britain is shown from the viewing point of the pilots and mirrors their duty with the hardships they had to endure!


  • Dynamic Radio Direction Finding for the British campaigns (RADAR). You'll get informed from ground control about enemy formations and can locate them using the map as it was done in the Battle of Britain.
  • A handbook (as PDF) with historical backgrounds, code word registers of the German Luftwaffe, a directory of the target code numbers and aircraft ID cards.
  • Update service for new versions and additional missions.
  • Desastersoft Game- and Career System, medals, promotions, killboards, pilot files

16-12-2011  |  Desastersoft
Open Beta for the Desastersoft Career–System for "IL2 Sturmovik – Cliffs of Dover"
Since the last two months we were working on this Career-System and now it's ready for Beta testing. The final version will be released with our upcoming expansion "Channel Battles – 1940", the first part of a new Add-On series to "IL2 Sturmovik – Cliffs of Dover".

And now have much fun!

Your Desastersoft Team

Download documentation as PDF (ca. 400kB)
Download Career–System (ca. 14MB)

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