Add-On for IL2 Sturmovik - Cliffs of Dover


29.10.2012  |  Desastersoft
Coming soon to the Desastersoft Shop... also in English
Dear friends of the international community!

You had to wait for a long time but now the waiting is over. At the moment both "Channel Battles - 1940" and "Fighter Aces! Adolf Galland – The Expert" are being translated to Englisch. Our friend Christian Schulz (csThor) is currently busy translating "Fighter Aces! Adolf Galland – The Expert" and is making good headway. Therefore we will be able to announce the release of "Fighter Aces! Adolf Galland – The Expert" soon. Both Addons will be available in our shop as download. Concerning the distribution in Poland and the states of the former CIS we're currently negotiating with a polish company to offer a boxed version in these countries.

Check this site for further information in the near future!

Your Desastersoft Crew
10.04.2012  |  Desastersoft
Update for Channel Battles - 1940 and aces! Helmut Wick vs. JC Dundas
At the request of some players we have now added a new feature in the career start. Now you can choose at which mission you want to start the campaign. You are no longer forced to start with the first mission, but can start at any mission. Please note that the smaller campaigns (CB no. III/JG51 74 Squadron and CB) do not begin with the first mission but with Mission 25. Select the appropriate mission simply from the list, you want to start!

In addition, a small graphic bug is fixed.

We hope you enjoy!

Your Desastersoft Team
27.03.2012  |  Desastersoft
"Fighter Aces! Helmut Wick vs. Dundas"
Desastersoft - Wick vs. Dundas DESASTERSOFT Zoom Sales launch at the Desaster-shop!

Dear Pilots, starting today 18.00 CEST, the pre-sale of "Fighter Aces! Helmut Wick vs. Dundas" begins!

Starting immediately you can buy your sample in our Shop via download.

We wish you lots of fun flying!

Your Desastersoft-Team
16.12.2011  |  Desastersoft
Открытая бета-версия для карьерной системы к "ИЛ2 Штурмовик – Cliffs of Dover"
Последние два месяца мы работали над новой карьерной системой и теперь она готова к тестированию. Финальную версию мы планируем выпустить с нашем новым дополнением "Channel Battles – 1940", первой частью нашей новой серии к "ИЛ2 Штурмовик – Cliffs of Dover".

Мы желаем Вам успехов!

Ваша команда Desastersoft

Download documentation as PDF (ca. 400kB)
Download Career–System (ca. 14MB)

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Als Fan von Historie finde ich es aber immer wieder bewundernswert, wie akribisch die Macher bei Desastersoft zur Sache gehen. Historisch korrekte und chronologisch richtige Missionen zu erstellen, ist keine leichte Aufgabe. - (A. Vorberg "Streen")
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Fliegerasse! Helmut Wick vs. J. C. Dundas macht aus der "Game Engine" nun ein echtes Abenteuer! - (Hannes O.)
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